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baby carrier or sling use for 3 week old? too soon?

I am really dying to be somewhat hands free when she is awake (or even when she is asleep and I want her to be close), but fear that she is too young for a carrier or sling. What are your thoughts?  Recommendations? I don't foresee using it constantly, and know that is not recommended, but using it here and there it would make things easier.  Thanks!

Re: baby carrier or sling use for 3 week old? too soon?

  • we used our wrap and sling from day 5, but you can start at day 1. what carrier do you have?
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  • We did the Moby wrap with two of our kids that early.  We used it constantly with DS, who was a colicky mess, sometimes that was the only way he would sleep - wrapped tight against me.  Go for it - the freedom of hands free is lovely.
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  • I used my Ergo from day 1.   Go for it.  If she wants to be carried, she'll love being snuggled up against you.
  • I waited until LO was 8 lbs to use the moby and ergo, so about 4 weeks, I think. But he was really little and floppy. They are great for getting things done around the house.
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  • Loved our Moby with both girls from day 1.
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  • Another fan of the Moby.  Used it a ton with DD #1, but hardly at all with DD #2.  She's just not in to being worn.
  • I had LO in the Moby in the hospital. I switched to a woven within a few weeks because it was more supportive and I have major back issues.
  • You can start using some slings and wraps right away. I also used the Ergo with the infant insert when M got up to the weight limit (8 pounds I think).
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  • Thanks, everyone! I have a sling similar to Moby, but having a hard time figuring it out...need to practice..I also have an Ergo (but need the infant insert), and someone gave me their hand me down Baby I have them all, but was afraid to use them!  I may try the bjorn since I think the one I have says she can be 8 lb for its use. Good to know others started early as well.
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