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Ive been back to working out since 5 weeks pp... At first I had no problems with incontinence when running and doing the elliptical. Now that Im back to high intensity workouts like kickboxing and lots of jumping jacks jumping rope Ive got lots of leakage going on.... Ive been doing kegels (since prepreg) with no change. Will this go away or will I be in depends by my next kid?? :( Im 11 weeks out now.
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Re: Incontinence

  • i'm not sure since i dont have babies, but the leakage i had with jumping rope was much better if i drank less water, still hydrated but didnt get full. i also used a depends pantyliner. gross i know but it kept me in the gym.

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  • FloF9FloF9 member
    I wasn't peeing myself but rather clear discharge that seemed like pee.  It lasted until about 6 months post preg.
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  • Stock up on depends/poise. Smile  Probably not what you wanted to hear, but pregnancy does a number on your body.  As soon as I hit mile 4 I leak...every time (sometimes even earlier in my runs).
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  • My DS is 18 months old and I still wear pantiliners. It got a lot better though as time went on.  Then, I got pregnant...I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and it has gotten worse.  Basically every time I squat down, laugh, sneeze, cough, or talk loud, I leak.

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  • I have to pee immediately before I start cardio (usually running) and can only last about 30 minutes before I need to pee again or else I leak. My muscles down there were destroyed after baby #1, now I have a total of 3 kids and am seriously considering surgery to help with this issue. I also pee myself every time I cough or sneeze unless I have ample time to "clench" those muscles.
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  • Thank goodness!!! I am not the only one!!  Seriously...its getting really annoying now that I am getting back into working out since having dd. 
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