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Anchorage Play dates

Any moms want to start a mommy group in Anchorage and have play dates?
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Re: Anchorage Play dates

  • I would, but my LO hasn't come out yet. I'm due by the end of the month though, so soon I could join in!
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  • I would love to, depending on when you are looking at meeting and how frequently... I also have two older boys so we are fairly busy though.
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  • I would also too.  I moved here about 5 months ago.  I've been busy with work and all the local play groups meet up at 10 am ish on the weekdays so it isn't conducive to my schedule; however, if you threw a few weekend dates, I would definately go!  I'm a mom of a 4 year old and one on the way in December.  :)
  • I am a first time, stay at home mom with a little boy who just celebrated his first birthday.  I have been in search of a playgroup/playgroups and haven't found anything.  I have friends with children but they are often too busy to get together.  Have you had any luck? 
  • I know that I am always busy and have a hard time getting to set up play dates as well. But I did find a place for mom's that may not be able to keep a scheduled play date with others, but still have their kids interact with other kids. It's an indoor playground for children under 5 years old off of Tudor. It's called Park & Play. It's on the east side of town. Here is the website if you want to check it out:

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