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Does anyone have an LL Bean coat? Are they true to size?

I need to get a new winter coat.  My old one, that I've had for 11 years, now has a broken zipper.  It was a Columbia size small, but it was a little snug and a tad short.  I bought it back in college when having short shirts and coats was in style, but now that I'm older I want something that covers my hips.  And I'd like something witha  little more room, without being too baggy and unfeminine.  I've never bought an LL Bean coat before, but if I were to buy another Columbia coat, I think I'd try medium.  Does anyone know if LL Bean runs big/small/ just about right?
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Re: Does anyone have an LL Bean coat? Are they true to size?

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    i like ll bean. i find them to fit well especially when wearing a sweater or bulky sweatshirt. i have one that goes to my knees and its great!

  • Everyone in my family has LL Bean coats.  I grew up in Maine and my sister lives right down the street from the store :)  In my opinion the are true to size maybe a tad bit big.  The great thing about LL Bean is that they have a life time guarentee.  10 years from now if the zipper breaks you can return it.  They will either fix it or let you pick out a new coat, no questions asked.  They are nice about it and don't hassle you.  An LL Bean coat is a great purchase :)

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  • I found that they run really big.  My winter coat stopped fitting 6 weeks before I was due so I bought one at LL Bean when I was in Maine at Christmas.  Generally I was a size small or a 2/4 at most stores before pregnancy -- and at 8 months pregnant, I bought a size small LL Bean coat and it fit me with room to spare throughout the rest of my pregnancy.
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