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AW: Potty training success!!

I am so freaking thrilled I can barely contain myself!! Ellie is really getting this potty training thing!  Yesterday she peed in her little potty twice, and today she went #2 in the big potty!!

The amazing thing is she really "gets" it!  On Saturday she was really resisting again, didn't want to sit on the potty when I wanted her to, and she had several accidents all day.  Then yesterday I convinced her to sit on her little potty while she watched her beloved Wonder Pets DVD, and after about 30 minutes of sitting there she finally went.  We made a huge deal of it and she got M&Ms, then we went out for a few hours.  When we got home, she spotted the little dish of M&Ms I'd put out to give her when she goes, and she wanted some but I told her she had to pee on the potty first.  Well, she says, "I want to pee on the potty!" and pulled down her underwear, and I had to scramble and get the potty back out of the bathroom where I'd taken it to rinse and wipe down earlier.  And she sat right down, and honestly DH and I thought nothing would happen, but she stood up a minute later and said, "Yay!"  And there it was!!!  And today she told her nanny she had to go potty and sat on the big potty for like 10 minutes until she finally went #2. 

I am sooooo proud of my BIG girl!!!  We were getting so bummed out on Friday and Saturday because she just didn't seem to want to do it, even though she goes at preschool all the time.  It is amazing how good this feels!!

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