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rice cereal recs?

Hey ladies.  We had our 4 month appointment today.  Everything is fine with Ruby, except her weight.  She actually lost weight since her 2 month appointment.  Evidently I've not been giving her enough in the bottles of breastmilk I leave her during the day, and from what the doctor says, my supply is low.  (Yes I feel like sh*t right now, but I'm just trying to focus on what I need to do get her to gain weight.)

So in addition to supplementing with formula and trying to boost my supply, our pedi wants us to start her on rice cereal.  Do any of you have a specific brand or type of rice cereal that your baby liked?  I'm going to leave early to get it from the store tonight, along with some fenugreek that will hopefully help boost my supply.




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Re: rice cereal recs?

  • Don't beat yourself up over it. (hugs)

    We liked the HappyBellies brand, though we never used the rice specifically. Good  luck! 

  • We tried Earth's Best and Happy Bellies. DD definitely prefers Happy Bellies.

    I'm sorry about your supply issues. I'm sure it's hard not to feel bad, but, FWIW I always think I'd have no idea how to tell if my supply was okay. Good luck with everything!

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  • We just use Gerber.
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  • We use Happy Bellies and I've liked it.  Also - don't beat yourself up.  At the 4 month appointment for my oldest, we were also told she had weight issues.  We were also told to start solids. I actually questioned it b/c my understanding was the solids actually didn't help them gain weight at that age.  I got a second opinion and she confirmed for us, solids weren't the way to go. 

    If you have any questions...feel free to email me.  amanda_l_brooks at yahoo. 

  • Thanks Amanda.  YGM!
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