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Your sleeves are NOT a tissue or napkin!

How do I break this?  DD will have a napkin right in her hand and still use her sleeve.  Now that I am typing this I realize that I also need to talk to her school about this as well.

It all started with a runny nose and now every time she eats...It is so gross.

Any ideas?

Re: Your sleeves are NOT a tissue or napkin!

  • We have the same issue.


    He had bright green frosting on a cup cake Thursday night and before I could stop him he put a huge stripe of it all the way down his shirt sleeve.

    I've tried nagging, tried helping him wipe, you name it.

    Right now I'm praying for warmer weather and short sleeves.

    We're heading to Florida in 3 weeks and I'm hoping 7 days of short sleeves will be enough to break the habit.


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  • My son has been doing this ever since cold & flu season started. Gross. I just do not understand he always has a napkin yet prefers his shirt :( Ugh
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