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BM issues with dd-diarrhea for two weeks now

Everytime she has a bm, it is diarrhea, once or twice a day. This has been going on for about two weeks now. She has been PT for 9 months, and she has had about 2-3 accidents per week the past two weeks. Not sure what to make of it. She isn't taking and meds or eating anything out of the ordinary. I have a call into the doctor, but wanted to know your thoughts?

Re: BM issues with dd-diarrhea for two weeks now

  • We've had a bug at our house that was very much like that.  After the initial illness, it was about 2wks or so of random diarrhea.  When DS was dealing with it, he had a few partial accidents (some in his underwear before he could get to the bathroom for the rest).  If it's the same or a similar bug, you're probably about through.  I'd make sure she's staying hydrated and doesn't have any other symptoms then I'd probably wait it out a bit longer.
  • Try taking a break from all dairy for about 72 hours.  Sometimes after a stomach bug, tots become temporarily lactose intolerant.  What happens is that the initial diarrhea strips the intestines of the enzyme that digests dairy. Then when the child seems better and drinks milk, it causes more diarrhea.    

    If 3 days of no dairy + plenty of fluids doesn't straighten her out, I'd call the pedi. 

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