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Have you left your LO overnight with someone else yet?

I am a 1st time mom and scared too! Plus DS is EBF so that's a lot of BM to bring and use...

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Re: Overnight?

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    Nope. He's also EBF and refuses to take a bottle. 
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    Yep, I've left him overnight with my parents twice. I EP, so that makes it easier.
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    I was supposed to, but ended up backing out because DS got sick.  I'm definitely afraid too because he loves to nurse and hasn't gotten a bottle for his bedtime routine.  I don't think he'll take it too well...
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    I have a couple of times but I eased into it.  We went up north for the weekend earlier this month and my parents took him so DH and I could go hockey games/see some friends.  He was in the next room at the hotel so technically it was like being at home but we weren't there for the bedtime/morning routine etc.  Then we left for a longer weekend which was hard, but I think it depends on who you leave him with.  I felt like I couldn't text or call my MIL to find out how he was doing so that is what was partially frustrating.  Overall though it was nice to get away for a little while!
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    We have not yet.  I just quit BFing 2 weeks ago, so up until then I felt like I couldnt for that reason.  Now, I think I will feel more comfortable doing it if the occasion arises.  We are planning to leave her over night with the ILs in May when we go to a concert since we'll be getting home so late, so that may be the first time.  And we're planning to go on vacation the end of July, and will be leaving her with my parents for a few days.

    I've been away from her one night, but she was home with DH, so that wasnt too bad at all.

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    Yes, one night because if I didn't get one night of uninterrupted sleep, I think I was going to lose my mind.  My MIL took both DS and DD for us when she was just over three mos.  It was heaven.
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    We are planning a night away in a few weeks and I can't wait. DD is EBF but I'll pump while she's gone, it's not a big deal.

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    No not yet, and I'm not sure we will for a while. I dont feel the need to at this point first of all, and I dont want to ask someone to have to get up with her in the middle of the night to feed her.

    We've gone out on dates though and we're planning another one for Friday!

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    Nope way, I'm so not comfortable with that yet.  Plus I'm a working mama so I really cherish the evenings and weekends.  Maybe you could have your MIL come over to your house and spend the night as a compromise?
    this is me 100% I work 5 days a week out the door by 6am and not home till 4pmCrying So I cherish every moment with DS and he naps around 430/5pm :( for 30 mins to hour and I hold and rock him during it unless I have stuff to do around the house. Then he up till 8 sometimes 10 then I nurse him to sleep in my glide or on the couch and lay with him for a few before putting him in his crib for the night. Weekends we go shopping or just sit home and play all day on the floor together!!!! I just can't take him being away from me when I feel like I hardly see him now
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