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So, my husband and I both really like the nickname Cal for... something. Calvin? Not sure on that one. We like it, but don't LOVE it. I also saw that Cal can be a nickname for Charles.

Are there any names other than Calvin and Charles that could end up with Cal as a nickname? Am I missing anything?

Thank you!

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Re: Cal?

  • Callum maybe?
  • Cal is actually a legit short form diminutive of the name Calvin. If you wanted to use it as a stand alone name, you could. 

    Diminutives of the name Charles are; Charlie, Chaz, Chip, or Chuck... not Cal.
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  • Maybe Caleb?
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  • I LOVE Calvin and I think Cal would be a great nickname for it.

    I do know a Charles who had a younger brother that called him Cal.
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  • Love sib set of Theodore and Calvin! 

    These names go together so well, IMO. Definitely go with Calvin, nickname Cal. 
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  • Love the sib set
  • A lot of people love Calvin! Whenever I bring it up here it gets a lot of love. Not sure what's holding us back from it, but we might have to seriously look at it.

    What are your thoughts on this sibset?

    Theodore and Calvin
    Theo and Cal

    Calvin is quickly becoming my new favorite boy name (and I usually could give two craps about boy's names lol). I think Calvin and Theodore is adorable!
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  • This thread terrifies me because Calvin is my top choice and I like names that aren't widely used. It's incredibly obscure in our area, but I'm afraid that in 5 years Calvin will be the new Noah. @KimberlyMav, you have great taste! ;)

    More to the point, I would use Cal as a nn for Calvin only. It doesn't really make sense to me for Charles, especially since Charles already has its fair share of recognized nicknames.
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  • 4N6s4N6s
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    My favorite is Caelan.
  • Maybe Caleb?

    I hadn't thought of this but I think it works even though the sounds are different. Good
    Option but I also really like Calvin
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    My good friend has a Callen and we call him Cal :)
  • I have a friend that calls her boy Cal. They are from the South so this may be a little "Southern." His name is Thomas Calhoun. My point is that you could always pick the "Cal" name to be a middle name if you are not 100% sold on Calvin or the others listed. For what it's worth I think Calvin is a nice name. Good luck!
  • I'm pretty sure that Kate Winslet partner in Titanic was called Cal, the posh rich guy she got on the boat with before she met Jack/Leo. I think if you live the name as Cal call him Cal x
  • I used to watch the show The OC and a character's name was Caleb but everyone called him Cal. I like Cal a lot but my last name is Patty and well, you see why it's not an option!
  • I always loved Cal bc of East of Eden by John Steinbeck
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