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I used to be one, a paranoid mother who used sanitizer on everything and wouldn't let my son touch anything dirty. But now I'm not. Ever since he's been toddling around and touching, tasting and climbing everything, I've learned to let go a little. Sure, I won't expose him to sick children but I don't go around wiping down every surface either. Plus, he goes to daycare twice a week now, so I can't be paranoid anymore. It is what it is and I just have to hope that he doesn't get sick too often. And when he does, I take care of him and say to myself that his immune system is getting stronger.

So I'm kind of bothered by some mothers I know (most of them who SAHM by the way) who are so overprotective and paranoid that I want to smack them. They have to wipe down everything, are afraid to leave their kids with others or in childcare, are afraid of everyone that so much as sneezes in their direction, and so on.

Maybe I'm just cranky today, but what's up with that? I mean, you can't shelter your kid forever. I love my son and want to protect him but he also has to learn to fall and get up, so to speak.

Anyway, I guess this is my early FFFC, this has been a crazy week :p 

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Re: Paranoid mothers

  • I SAH and I'm pretty paranoid, but you can only be so paranoid without going crazy and staying housebound. I mean, M's a boy; he eats dirt and sticks his fingers up other kids' noses. I don't see any way to avoid germs.
  • I don't SAH and Jason is in preschool, but I have to admit I am still paranoid.What can I do - I was born this way...
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  • I was pretty paranoid in the very beginning. Maybe the 1st 4-5 months I was making sure that everyone used sanitizer, wiping everything down, making sure her toys were clean, etc. I think that's normal though because they are so young and they don't have their immune systems built up yet. I've really eased up on the "wipe/sanitize/clean" routine A LOT. Heck, I've got 2 dogs that love to French kiss her. From that alone she's been exposed to so much junk and (knock on wood) she hasn't gotten sick yet. Not even a sniffle.
  • I am SO with you.  I understand with a new baby, they're so tiny and fragile, but once they're mobile?  Pff.  I'm just happy if the bugs she eats are already dead. (I don't mean that, that's still pretty gross to me)
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  • As DS grew, I became less paranoid about germs.  But, DS sucked 2 fingers until 2 months ago.  He had a runny nose from Sept to Dec, and daycare insisted we break him of this habit.  Now he uses his fingers to go to sleep, and his hands get washed before he goes to bed. No runny noses since he quit. 
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  • I never cared, but DH gets really grossed out. I drew the line at DD#1 licking the edge of the meat case at the grocery store. That was just plain nasty, but I made sure to tell DH about it so I could see his "ick" face. It makes me laugh.
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  • DH is WAY more paranoid than I ever was.  I've actually been pretty laid back re: dirt and wiping, etc.   And perhaps it's paid off, as DS has only had only slight cold in his 18 months of life.  I don't know... but I'm not going to freak about a little dirt.

    That being said... if someone is sick, stay AWAY from my child.


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  • imageNewMrs07:


    Anyway, I guess this is my early FFFC, this has been a crazy week :p 

    I'm sorry it's been such a crazy week and I hope it gets better for you!

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  • I sah and started out being that way..It changed pretty quickly when I realized I cannot control everything! I even forget to wipe the shopping cart down!! DD has been sick ONCE...
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  • I SAH and am not paranoid but I do get grossed out by one thing. Nasty highchairs at restaurants and disgusting changing tables. (why can't people clean up after themselves?) I do have one of those highchair/shopping cart covers and I use it 98% of the time. 

    Other than that I let DS explore and he puts stuff in his mouth at play group. The whole family has had a stomach bug Superbowl weekend and he had a cold a few months ago. Other than that nothing (knock on wood) 

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