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I am so angry!

My dad and step mother watched DS overnight so DH and I could have date night.  We asked them advance if it would be ok for us to pick him up after his nap, which is typically between 11-12.  They say ok so we pick him up at 2:30.  As soon as they open the front door, cigarette smoke smacks us in the face.  Then we ask if he had had his nap yet just to be told no.  How freaking inconsiderate can they be???!!!!  Would you be upset or am I overreacting?
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Re: I am so angry!

  • OMG I am angry for you. Had you ever talked about smoking before or did you know they smoked in their house. I wouldn't be angry about the nap though just frustrated. I am so sorry that you're dealing with this. Looks like you have someone to cross off your babysitter list.
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  • The nap thing I would just be a little annoyed about. I think grandparents get some slack with things like that. The smoking is a totally different issue though, I would be livid! Have you talked to them about smoking around the baby before? Do they usually smoke in their home?
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  • Did you know they smoked in their home? Did you discuss this before agreeing to leave your child there?

    As for the nap, it annoys me when my parents or ILs don't respect the nap but I do give a little concession to the fact that they are doing me a favor in watching my child for free. Otherwise I would be paying someone to watch them. I generally expect grandparents to respect the nap schedule but I wouldn't be livid if they didn't.

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  • I would definitely be upset (about the cigarette smoke - the nap thing wouldn't bother me but that definitely depends on the child).  As far as the smoke, my MIL smokes but she knows that it's a nasty habit and offensive to others, so she doesn't smoke in her home and she definitely wouldn't smoke around our kids.  Honestly, we've never even had to ask her not to.  I appreciate that she just cares enough to not want them around that, not just because of the health threat but because it's not the kind of thing she wants to model in front of her grandkids.
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  • I knew step mom smokes in the house but she's always been respectful enough to not do it in the house when DS is there.  I just don't know what went through her mind.  She's normally very conscientious about these kinds of things.  I don't know if she just thought he was safe since he was sleeping upstairs or what but...grrrr!

    He did end up napping once we picked him up but he was absolutely horrible after waking up.  He spent the next 45 minutes running away from us screaming bloody murder.  Let's just say bedtime couldn't come soon enough.

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