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beach vacation one month after birth?

so... we were not planning on taking a vacation this summer. but we've come across a great deal on a 3 bedroom condo for an out of this world price. my parents could come with us, as well as my brother and his girlfriend. we would be at ocean city maryland. on the beach, just chilling out with family and the new baby.

in theory this sounds wonderful. baby would be about 4 to 5 weeks old, so I might still be sore and not up for marathon beach days.

is this a crazy idea or not? i dont want to book this place if i'm going to still be in major pain and super cranky.

any 2nd time mom's out there with some advice? i know everyone is different post labor, but i'm hoping there's an average idea of how i might be feeling.


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Re: beach vacation one month after birth?

  • My personal experiance sucked. DD was born 7/7 and we went to the beach 8/1. i couldnt get in the pool or the ocean, i was still a bit sore, seeing the sights was a bit of a hassle, so we really didnt do much, and of course sleep is a thing of the past lol. Buuuut that's just me...I will NOT be going on the family vacay this year (LO's due date is the exact same as DD's)
  • I love a good deal, but that soon after the birth of a baby I would pass in my opinion. There is the never ending bleeding that comes after delivery, the sleep exhaustion (especially if you are breast feeding), personally nothing prepared me for the exhaustion, and that brings on an entire subset of hormornes and issues itself,  that baby will be sleeping about 20hrs ish a day so someone will have to stay back with the baby b/c LO won't be able to be in the sun b/c babies can't have sunscreen till about 6 months. Plus, don't forget traveling with a small child-that might not be easy!  If by chance you have a c-section you will definatley still be recovering and it won't be easy to get around-not impossible just with a lot of discomfort!  Just my opinion, too bad it wasn't 4-5 months out!

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  • Not sure how far that is from where you live but I would check with Dr if they will allow you to travel before your 6 week appt. My didn't advise being out of town because everyone's healing is different. Also DD had weight issues and we had to take her to the dr. 2xs a week for weight checks at that time. That is not very normal but basically you never know what will come up in the beginning.

    I think in theory it sounds awesome and for some ladies you could def. do it. But it is so individual it is hard to give you a really good answer.

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  • I don't think I'd rent a place that soon after EDD - plus, what if baby's late? That'd be pushing it.

    That being said, we very well may go down the shore (Jersey-speak for "to the beach") for a week in August with my family. We have two different cousins that own shore houses about an hour from where we live and my family (parents, sisters and their SO's and my niece) all go down together every year. It might be nice to live with all that help to take care of baby and to get some rest on the beach, even if I'm not going in the water. The good thing about this situation is that we don't have to commit to it - it can be a game-time decision. 

  • I was hiking less than a week after birth (vaginal), so you COULD do it.  How far is OC from Arlington?  If a few hours (by car), not so bad.  You might not be up for swimming, etc, though.  And MAY still have to wear a pad (I think I stopped wearing one at about 2-3 weeks). 

    My family is trying to convince me to FLY 800 mi for the annual "beach trip" at about 6wk PP.  With a 24mo AND a new baby.  No direct flights.  That AIN'T happening!  But I am planning to go somewhere within 2-3 hrs (Cape Cod?  Green Mountains?) at about 5wks PP with my sis and her boys.  But flying is OUT!

  • I think it sounds really nice in theory, but I wouldn't do it if it were me. At one month PP, I was still a delirious mess and struggling to find a routine and groove that worked for us with nursing, sleeping, etc... I also had a c-section and didn't really feel myself until 6 weeks after. If it were 2 or 3 months PP, then I would consider it.
  • Do it!

    Im due 7/25, we're going camping end of August, real camping even Ill be sleeping in a tent.

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  • I would do it too. It sounds like you have a nice condo so you can just kick back and relax with your baby. If you were camping out in a Motel 6 or something I'd have a different opinion. That and you will have help. I think it sounds relaxing actually. It's not like you're planning a whirlwind tour of Disney or something.

    How far is it? It might be a haul with a baby if you leave at naptime and stop along the way if it's a distance you could swing it.

    That said though, one month PP I was back to being me and would've been up for it. I didn't have an infant to deal with but I have the personality type to just strap a kid in the carseat and go, so I'm not bothered by that.

    You know you and know what it's like to vacation with your family, so if you want to go, go!

  • I'd not do it, but I also had a less than stellar recovery / month after my DD was born (my health and family life).
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  • I would do it.  I traveled to LA from NY 4 weeks after my son was born and It was really great to be around friends and family.  I had a c-section too so it wasn't a natural delivery.  Have a good relaxing time with your family by the beach. 
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  • I would do it, as long as you pack everything you need I don't see any problems. 
  • I'd go! I liked getting out and doing things because most of those first weeks and months you are cooped up a lot...and having the family there would help! It's not as though you guys are camping, if you have a condo I would definitely go...I also don't see why you would still be sore, but I guess that just depends on your delivery which you won't know until that my vote is yes! go on vacation!!
  • Well, considering all that I've heard about the first month to 6 weeks after birth from friends & family, I wouldn't. You can't swim till at least 6 wks from what I've heard & I don't think I'd want the baby exposed to that much sun so early on for starters... sorry that's just my opinion though!

  • I personally wouldn't do it.  You wouldn't be able to swim that soon after birth.  I couldn't even wear a swimsuit until I stopped bleeding at 7 weeks pp.  Also, you shouldn't be putting sunblock on LO when they are that small, so you would have to make sure they are completely covered.  For me, it would be more trouble than it would be worth.  Not relaxing at all IMHO.
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  • Nope, I wouldn't do it.  The earliest I am planning any trips is 6 weeks after due date- and that is stretching it IMO.  After #1, I was in a lot of pain and even ended up in physical therapy.
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  • I wouldn't do it.  If you would go late you could go up to 41-42 weeks since it's your first which would put baby at possibly 3-4 weeks old.  I was still trying to get into a good groove with the baby at that time and I wouldn't want to throw a new environment into the mix. Also I bled pretty bad for the first 4 weeks and was still bleeding the 5th week post-partum and you definitely can't swim until after 6 weeks anyways. My DD had all kinds of issues in the beginning and we were seeing the doctors pretty much weekly and you never know if this could happen to you or not.  
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  • I went on a family beach vacation when my son was 5 weeks old and it was miserable. So miserable, we ending up going home early. The place was huge but damn if he did not keep everyone up. He was sleeping for a few hours and I was exhausted as was my husband. Relatives pitched in but at the end of the day, it was their vacation and I did not want to impose. Plus, you cannot really do all the fun beach things. Lying on the beach is out b/c you cannot put sunscreen on a baby that young and really it is so darn hot in August that you and baby will be miserable outside even in one of those tents. I was lucky enough to stop PP bleeding pretty early but i did not want to be in a bathing suit at 5 weeks. UGH. And you cannot really go out to dinner etc b/c every place is so packed and crowded.
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  • I have a sport'brella. Its a sun hut, takes 2 seconds to pop up, just like an umbrella & another 2 seconds to stake down if its breezy. Its got sun protection equal to spf 60. I love mine, it cost me $30 for it at BJ's.


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