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Cramping after Natural M/C

Just wondering if anyone can provide me some insight from their past experience(s)... I still haven't stopped cramping since my natural miscarriage last weekend (nonviable 1/19, cramping 1/21, bleeding 1/22).

Confused and don't want to call the Dr again if I don't have to.


Re: Cramping after Natural M/C

  • Hi there. Do you mind if I ask how far along you were? I would call the doctor, just to be sure. Have you been consistently cramping since 1/21? Seeing as that is a full 10 days, I would call the doctor. So sorry for your loss.
  • I'm sorry for your loss.

     With my expirience, I was cramping for a couple days after the bleeding stopped.  It was on and off but still cramps. 

    If you have been cramping for a week straight after the bleeding stopped I would suggest calling your Dr.  At least for a piece of mind.

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  • I started to bleed on 1/21. My bleeding ended on 1/27 and the cramping ended on 1/28. So you may want to call you doctor to make sure you are ok. From all of the reading I've done some women bleed for a week others for several it's hard to determine what is "typical."
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  • I had a bit of cramping when I thought it was all over with - and then it went away after a day or 2 (not associated with bleeding). So, based on what the other ladies are saying, that seems to be normal. (To an extent!)
  • Hey Tiffany, Im sorry you are still feeling so crummy. I was crampy from start to finish. But mine only lasted 5 days. Very heavy and bad the first two but then died down as the bleeding let up. I would say it depends how far along you were but if I were you i would still give my doc a call. Big Hug! I hope you feel better soon.
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