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Preschool Confession

I dropped LL off at daycare today and came back and slept. I nursed Ryan til he was asleep and we slept till noon. Am I the only mom that does this?
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Re: Preschool Confession

  • I do normally run errands and maybe have lunch with a friend, or have a list of cleaning chores to get done, but some days I do take a nap and it is SO nice!!!  I say use that time however it will help you :)
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  • how nice! do it and enjoy it while you can! :)
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  • On one of the snow days our daycare was open (opened late) and my office was closed. I took Sean to daycare and then went to get coffee, a pedicure, groceries and then came home and napped until it was time to get him. It was heavenly.
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  • I am still paying for daycare while on maternity so Macy is using it 2 full days a week. She loves going and I love the alone time with Molly. Plus, it allows me to get the errands done and for me to rest before my night shift with my little nigh owl.  
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  • is this not the norm?  holy hell!  until very recently Riley was still taking a morning nap from like 9-110/1030, we'd drop Finn off at 845 and be home by 9 and I'd take a nap while Riley did.  Hell, I still nap during Riley's afternoon naptime and Finn's quiet time.  I would fall apart if I couldn't nap!  Enjoy momma!!!
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