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How long after a D&C?

I know that alot of ladies on here have had D&C's and I know it is different for everyone, but how long after your D&C did it take you to stop bleeding/spotting?  I had mine on Thursday and it seemed like it was going to stop, but then it is still there. 
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Re: How long after a D&C?

  • I had mine Weds afternoon. By Fri morning, I thought that I was done bleeding.  Then, Sat night, I began bleeding (more than just spotting) and while it has gotten lighter today, it's  still there...  Also, I had hideous cramps today (which others on this board had warned me about).  I hadn't had much more than minor cramping since the procedure.  GL!
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  • I am going on day 34 of spotting since my d&c but everyone is different.  Hopefully you won't spot/bleed that long.  Mine comes and goes (spot for 3 days, nothing for 2, spot for 1 day, nothing for 1, etc.......very frustrating).
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  • I've had two D&Cs.  The first time it took a few days to start bleeding and then it continued for about three weeks.  The second time I started bleeding immediately and it lasted about three days.  Hopefully you're nearing the end...
  • It was a week for me.
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  • I do remember thinking that same thing with mine. I actually spotted for like 2 and a half weeks. I would think it was gone then I'd start spotting again. Good Luck, I know the whole thing sucks. Just always carry something with you in case. I wore liners most of the time and was okay.

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  • I had a D&E on Wednesday and was about to ask the same thing. I'm still bleeding/spotting but it's really random - heavy for an hour and nothing for the rest of the day, etc. It makes me feel better to read that some people spotted for weeks - not that I want it to take that long, but at least I'm fairly normal. : P

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