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Newbie needs to vent

So at 9w I miscarried and am still going thru the stages of that. I didnt realize I would be so upset, but I realize that I am putting my hurt feelings into anger feelings. I did not tell my staff at work why I was gone for a few days because of my reaction to them... they ALL had unplanned preg in their teens and early 20s. How can they relate? A few of them have thrown out the idea that I am preg b/c I missed a couple days, but my responce is "hardly".

I need help in finding a way not to be outward angry and inward sad. this is no ones fault and harder than I originally thought. It keeps getting harder...I want to move on.

Thanks for listening, I dont mean to be so angry.

Re: Newbie needs to vent

  • The exact same thing happened to me the day I returned from my D&E, a secretary asked me if my morning sickness was so bad I had to stay home. She didn't know was pg, she was just fishing for gossip. 

    I completely understand the anger though.  Your feelings are normal and healthy and they need an outlet.  Some ladies have blogged or journaled their experience. For me, the ladies here were a big help. My IRL support tried to be supportive, but none of them could relate except my mom who had her own loss.  I think it was very therapeutic for both of us to discuss how we felt.  The bulk of the daily support that I relied on came from this wonderful group of women. 





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  • i am so sorry, but know that your anger is completely normal, and you need to release it some how!  and this board is a great place to get it out, and feel the support!

    {{big hugs}} 

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