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Pregnancy = allergic reaction to jewelry?

I have NO idea if this is pregnancy related or not, but I figured I'd ask to see if anyone else is having this random symptom.

Since I got the BFP, I've had extremely dry skin, particularly on my hands. About a week ago, I noticed that the skin between my fingers on either side of my left ring finger was getting really red and cracked. And about two days ago, a bright red rash developed all around my left ring finger. It's ONLY on that finger, and is exactly where my wedding/e-ring lie.

Weird, right? I'm not wearing my rings right now, and the rash looks crazy. The skin between my fingers is so dry and cracked and is starting to hurt.

Is anyone else having any sort of reaction to jewelry like this? I've been wearing these rings for more than six years, so it's not like they're new. I'm just trying to figure out if this is pregnancy-related or not. So strange!

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Re: Pregnancy = allergic reaction to jewelry?

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    Have you changed your soap, lotion or anything?  A lot of times a reaction to those show up around the rings, because the rings hold it against the skin.
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    I haven't been able to wear earrings. Earrings that I have been wearing for years make my ear lobes swollen, throbbing, and flakey.
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    My fing finger is like that too. I think it is just the weather for me and the fact that I don't drink enough water all the time. I have been drinking more and using more lotion and it seems to help. It looks like some crazy contagious skin disease though!
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    I've actually heard this is quite common- it happened to my BF when she had her baby. I dont' think it started until right after she delivered but for about a year if she put her ring on she would have a horrible allergic reaction to it. It eventually went away and she can wear it again but I remember her saying she read online that it happens to a lot of women...
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    I've been having some issues with my hands, but this has been going on longer than i've been pregnant.

    Actually it started in summer- so I've been through different climate changes as well as soaps, detergents and lotions.

    One thing that did help:  I got my rings cleaned.  I put neosporin on my ring finger until it was cleared up, and my finger sayed clear for much longer with clean rings.  Note- cleaning them myself didnt' do the trick: had to get them cleaned at the jewler.

    Good luck! 


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    This happened to my Mom during and after her third pregnancy.  Not only was it with jewelry but bandaids and her contacts.  She can wear jewelry now and bandaids but still no contacts and its been 11 years.
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    Yes! My first pregnancy I could no longer wear my wedding rink because I would get a red rash on my finger. It's platinum so I assumed it's because my skin is drier (and hands fatter) than before. But it was so stranger that I wouldn't have the same reaction to other rings. I'm really hoping to keep wearing the ring through this one.

    Good point about the cleaning - I should have tried that.
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    Thanks, ladies! Sounds like it's somewhat common.

    I did start using a new lotion recently (Aveeno hand repair something-or-other) which I already discontinued. And thanks for the tip on getting my rings cleaned -- it's been an embarassingly long time since I've done that (we're talking YEARS), so I'm sure they're pretty dirty.

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