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Update to my appointment

DH and I went to have the anatomy scan yesterday and then the doctor came in to do the amnio. He was having trouble finding a place to insert the needle and him and the other doctor (the one in charge of the ultrasound) decided I would need to come back next week. As soon as he left I thought to myself that I didn't want to go through with it and then immediately, DH said "I don't think we should have it done." I was so happy, because I didn't want it to just be what I wanted.

When he left, the ultrasound doctor told us they saw no markers for DS, the fluid behind the neck was normal, and all the organs looked great including the heart which will sometimes show signs of DS. She said based on the ultrasound alone, my chances went from 1 in 33 to 1 in 66 which is great.  So no more tests for us which makes us both happy.

Thank you all so much for the well wishes, I appreciate it so much. Oh and for those that didn't see, we are having another little girl :)  I can't wait to get up in the attic and get those little girl clothes down, but I guess I'll wait a few more months.

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Re: Update to my appointment

  • Hooray for another little girl. This solves your bedroom dilemma. :)

    I am glad for you that everything looks good and that you chose to do what made you most comfortable. 

  • I'm so happy for you guys. One of my biggest fears about having genetic counseling was that false positives and that's one of the reason why we didn't do it. I know people in my family, mainly my MIL wanted DH and I to be tested for CF (because it runs in the family), but after going through tons of bs w/the insurance company, we decided not to have the testing done.

    Congratulation on another girl!




  • yay!!!  Congrats - so happy for you guys!!

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  • Congrats on girl #2! I'm glad the u/s looked good!

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  • That's wonderful news!  Congrats on your daughter!  :)
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    Happy Birthday, little man. We love you so much!

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  • Sometimes you have to just go with your intuition...  Congratulations on your little girl! 
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  • awesome! congratulations, i think i missed your announcement.
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  • Woohoo! Exciting news on all fronts.

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  • That is awesome that it worked out for you. Now you can relax some! You know, I probably would have done the exact same thing. I am so glad your anatomy scan looked good! YAY!!!
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  • That's fantastic news that the chance of DS dropped. And congrats on having another girl. Sisters are the best.



  • I'm so glad that the news was positive.  Congratulations on your daughter!!
  • I've been thinking about you...thanks for the update! Sounds like your H was reading your mind, that's good the way it worked out! I hope this appt brought you some relief, it sure did sound good. Congrats on the girl : )
  • That's good news.  Glad that you guys have made a decision that will work well for you.  Best of luck with the little one!
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  • So happy to hear that you finally have a sense of relief!
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