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f/u to last night's drink post

i'm getting a divorce.  it's been a long time coming, and i know it's the right thing but that doesn't make it any easier.  this fuucking sucks.

i just fought so hard to make this marriage work and i failed miserably.  at least the last 8 years weren't a total waste - i got B&N out of it.

love you, ladies.

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Re: f/u to last night's drink post

  • You did not fail!!  Marriage is a 2 way street and your husband should take most of the blame.  We love you!!!! ((HUGS))
  • I'm so sorry :(    (((hugs)))
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  • You are not a failure. You cannot fix something like this on your own and he doesn't want to try. You're doing the right thing in taking care of B&N and yourself. We all support you and have your back. ((hugs))
  • I'm really sorry ((HUGS))

    I agree with the ladies you definitely didn't fail. Marriage involves two people committed to making things work.  We are here for you.


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  • I love you and we're all here for you xoxoxox
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    I love you and we're all here for you xoxoxox


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  • I'm so sorry. Ditto everyone else, you are NOT a failure. ((Hugs))
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  • Oh Susan, I'm so sorry!!  You DID NOT fail.  Like pp said, marriage is a two way street.  And from what you had said, your H did not make things easy.  I hope things go smoothly and as uncomplicated as possible throughout all of this.  We are here for you!!  ((BIG HUGS))
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  • Thanks to all my bitches.  I'm glad you're here.

    Sooooo i have MH's plane ticket to Mexico that he's obviously not going to use now.  Who wants to go to Cancun for 5 days in June? 

    Either that or I'll start taking bids on me using the ticket to make a visit to your town.  :)



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  • I'm so sorry Susan. (((hugs)))
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  • I'm sorry Susan.  We love you and are here for you!  {{{Hugs}}}
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  • ((HUGS))

    I'm very sorry. 

  • I'm so sorry.  (((hugs))) We are all here for you. 
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  • I'm sorry, Susan. You should never think you are a failure. (((HUGS)))

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  • I'm so sorry you have to go through this but I wish you nothing but the best.



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  • (((hugs))) I'm so sorry you have to deal with all this heartache, but you did not fail at anything. We're here for you.
  • late on this, but ((((hugs))))
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  • Your marriage may be a failure, but you most certainly are not. You did your best.

    Take care of yourself and the babes.

  • I'm really sorry Susan.  I hope life treats you a gazillion times better from here on out.  Take care of yourself.
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  • I'm sorry,  it takes 2 to make a marriage work,  you're not a failure. 


    (o) (o) and xoxoxoxo

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  • I vote you use his ticket to come see me!!!!!! You can see Staycee and Buena and Kim while you're here too. I would totally go to Cancun, but my husband might have an issue with it
  • I am super late on this, but please don't ever think you are a failure.  Your marriage may have failed, but YOU are not.  And you're right about B&N - they are lucky babies to have you as their mommy!

    I can't remember - where do you live?  You could always escape and come visit the lovely Northeast - there's a good number of us up here and I'm sure Ryan would love to play with your LO's!  ;-)

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  • ((BIG HUGS)) I'm so sorry susan. But like everyone said, its a two way street and he wasn't willing to put in the effort. Take care of yourself and B&N.
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  • {{hugs}} you're doing what's best for you, B and N. You will survive this. You are not a failure. We love you!

     and, I'll come to Mexico with you!

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  • It's not easy Susan to admit that your marriage cannot be saved.  It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.  The best suggestion I can give is to take care of yourself and B & N and don't make any decisions based on emotions.  I looked at the facts and went through the process.  When everything was said and done at the end of the day, I knew I did what I could, the best I could.


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    I'm sorry,  it takes 2 to make a marriage work,  you're not a failure. 


    (o) (o) and xoxoxoxo



  • I don't post on this board much any more but I lurk regularly and wanted to extend virtual hugs.  I kind of understand as my H is less than stellar as well.  He is ridiculously lazy around the house, is fairly rude/mean to me and seems apathetic about our son.  We have been and are continuing to see a counselor.  I would like to believe that we'll eventually make it work but I'm not at all convinced.  I live in Mt Airy so if you ever want to get together my email is this same name on yahoo.
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