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Dublin Methodist, Doctors or Riverside???

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I am trying to decide which hospital to deliver at, Dublin Methodist, Doctors or Riverside? Has anyone had any good or bad experiences at any that they would like to share? Thanks!!!

Re: Dublin Methodist, Doctors or Riverside???

  • You get the option between the 3?  That's nice, I didn't get an option so I'll be delivering at Riverside.  I've heard nothing but great things about the Riverside L&D.  I know nothing about Doctors but have heard Dublin is like the Ritz of L&D.  If you get to decide I'd do a tour of each and see what you like best.  I've heard for dads Dublin is the best.
  • I've been working in health care for years now and this is what I've heard from doctors, nurses, midviwes and patients:

    Dublin, the good: it is like a resort, their numbers are lower so there is a bit of more personalized attention. The bad: unless you have insurance, you won't get all the great treatment, I've heard too many times they don't like uninsured patients and sometines they might be understaffed.

    Doctors, the good: as good as any other hospital, the bad: they are not sensitive to patients with special needs or other cultures. Honestly, Doctors is ok as in just like any other hospital, nothing special.

    Riverside, the good: la creme de la creme when it comes to L&D, top notch, doesn't get any better than Riverside as far as competency of staff and care for the patient, great for uninsured patients and patients of other cultures. The bad: doesn't look as ritzy as Dublin.

    Good luck deciding!

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  • I usually lurk on these boards but am going to try to post a little more...not too much time in the day!

    I delivered at Riverside and it was a great experience.  The nursing staff was very attentive the entire time I was in labor and right after my DS was born.  The rooms were nice and even allowed for my DH to stay with me the entire time.

  • My doctor gave me an option too, but strongly prefers Riverside, so that is our plan as of now.   I've also heard it is the best in Columbus for L&D.  My step-sister delivered there and loved it. 
  • We delivered at Dublin - and it was wonderful.  The staff in L&D as well as post partum were awesome.  The rooms are new and large - bit couches that fold out to queen size beds in both L&D and post partum rooms. 
  • I recently delivered at Riverside and it was wonderful!! The nursing staff was very attentive and friendly. The rooms were very nice and roomy.
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  • Thanks ladies! I have toured Dublin Methodist and Riverside and yes I must say that Dublin Methodist is a very nice facility. With it being a somewhat newer hospital, I am worried that the service there might be less quality than Riverside. Didn't get much feedback about Doctors and as of now that is where I am delivering. I just don't know if I want to deliver there and am considering on changing doctors. Anyone have any great doctor through Riverside or Dublin that they are very happy with? 
  • I have nothing but great things to say about Dublin Methodist. Such a great hospital and the staff was great! The rooms were a good size and so comfortable. I will definitely use Dublin Methodist again.

     As for doctors, any doctor at the https://www.moca-obgyns.com/practice-specialists/ is great. I see Dr. Maffett but I've met them all. I rotated through each doctor before I delivered to make sure I met them all since you never know who is going to be on-call when you go to the hospital.

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