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Any cloth diaperers?

We're having our first baby, and my husband is really environmentally conscious - so we've decided to give cloth diapering a whirl. We found a store in BR called "Angel Britches" that sells different brands, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any other stores in the area that sells cloth diapers and everything that goes with them? Also if you had any opinions on certain brands? I think I want to go with Fuzzi Buns, but I'm not sure.

Re: Any cloth diaperers?

  • I know there is a company in town that will supply you the diapers, a diaper genie to put them in, and will pick them up once a week to clean them.  Its $20 a month.  My friend uses it.  I will ask her the name and post it on here for anyone who is interested.
  • DH and I are just starting to use cloth diapers (I did a trial and have 24 BumGenius 4.0's coming in on Tuesday). I recommend trying a trial at an online company so that you can get a feel for the different diapers. The best deal I've seen for trials is at Luvaboos ( They charge you $15 to put any cloth diapers/accessories in your cart and you have 2 weeks to check them out. If you are pregnant their policy is that you can keep the stuff until 2 weeks after your DD. They even have a list of recommendations to help you pick stuff out.

    I did a trial at Jullian's Drawers where you had to pay $157 up front and then you get refunded all but $10 when you return the items. They don't allow you to pick what you get though, and don't offer the amenities like diaper pail/liners like Luvaboos. I personally like the BumGenius's best but also like the Fuzzi Bunz. I did a poll on the CD board and the top most picked brand was BG at 60%. FB came in 2nd at 23.3%. GL and HTH! 

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  • I agree with the pp to try a trial. We didn't because we were given almost 30 prefolds, so that sealed the deal for us. We've been cloth diapering since day 1 and it is a thousand times easier than I had anticipated. Again, we started with the prefolds. They are the ones that you fold in thirds or some variation and use a cover. These were awesome when he was a new born. We never had fit or leaking issues. As he started to grow out of them we switched to pocket diapers like fuzzi buns, bum genius, happy heinys, etc. Pocket diapers do not work on newborns, unless they are large. The manufacturer says they work on babies starting at 8 pounds, but we found they didn't really work until about 10. The pockets worked fine, but around 4 months we started having some leaking problems overnight. So we added some hemp inserts, this worked for about another month, but he was sleeping longer and the absorbency didn't match the output. 2 weeks ago (5.5 months) someone gave us some flannel pocket diapers, kissaluvs, and some larger prefolds. We now use these with some a hemp doubler for overnight. Instead of a plastic cover we use wool longies. In the 2 weeks since we have switched we have had NO leaks. It's blissful, oh and no diaper rash (can I get a woot woot?) We also have some flip diapers, they're pretty good now, but when his poop was changing between 3-4 months they would have been a disaster. I would not recommend using a diaper service if you are looking to be environmentally conscience. Services use a lot of chemicals, plus you have the gas of the transportation. If you are set on cloth and don't have a washer (you don't need a dryer) then that's a different story. As for places to buy locally, I can't help you there. I didn't know BR had any. I get almost all of mine as gifts (hence the wide and varied selection) or off the internet. I have been known to call my parents and ask them to pick some up from someone selling some on craigslist. (I got 12 Bum Genius' for $60 that's a STEAL!!!!!) Good luck!
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