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Pediatrician Recommendations?

I'm looking for some pediatrician recommendations in the South County/Arnold/Fenton area.  Thanks!
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Re: Pediatrician Recommendations?

  • We are in Fenton area and we are going to use Dr. Mark Herbers out of St. Clare
  • It's a bit of a drive, but I am from Affton and one of the most popular offices is Southwest Pediatrics near Loughborough and Chippewa in South City.  Very well known and respected.
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  • Dr. Christina Ojascastro is wonderful!  Her office is on Telegraph in Oakville.
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  • I just recommended him in a post below too, but I'll post again. :)

    We go to Tesson Pediatrics/Esse Health off of Tesson Ferry. We love it there. We see Dr. Matthew Dougherty ("Dr. Matt") and LOVE him!

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  • I agree with the recommendation for Southwest Pediatrics. My mom took all three of us kids there and LOVED it. Her first pediatrician with me yelled at her that I was too small and called me malnourished because I was low on the height and weight charts. She switched to Dr O'Neill and he was very reassuring and much better at seeing the whole picture. She's small, my dad's small, it's not like I was too skinny for my length. He was great with my sister's ear infections and my brother's constant minor injuries. I wish I could go there for my baby, but living on the Illinois side of the river makes the drive just a bit too much for me unfortunately.
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  • dr. tracy daly-wilson. she is AMAZING. the staff is awesome. they are always so kind and so sweet. it's near st. anthony's hospital.
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  • We use Dr. Fernandez of Fenton Pediatrics.  She is beyond explanation.  We had acid reflux with our son and he had to stay an extra day at the hospital. 

    The nurses told us that most pediatricians send the patients home and have them follow up with tests. She ordered all of the tests in the hospital and saved us a huge hassle.  Our nurses said they have never worked with such an impressive and compassionate pediatrician.  She called them constantly to check on our little guy.  When we went home, she gave us her cell phone number and was calling to check in on us all weekend (while she was at a birthday party).   

    If that's not top notch patient care, I am not sure what is....!!!!

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