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Maternity sundresses

I am not far along, but I do have a little pooch that I am going to be trying to hide. I also don't want to buy a sundress that I won't be able to wear later in the summer. I have to go to a few different wedding parties for a friend and I need some cute sundresses. I have checked the basics: motherhood, target, old navy. Is there anywhere else online to get a cute and not too expensive sundress?

Re: Maternity sundresses

  • I just got a few on They were less than $20.  Didnt know I was preggers when I bought them...but now I think they will come in quite handy :)
  • Ann Taylor Loft carries a really cute maternity line on their website. I've heard of a few women who had success finding dresses there for weddings or other more formal events. I'm sure you will find something perfect!
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