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Pre-Preg. Diet?

So i've been doing a lot of research...and some of the info I've come across just doesn't seem right. I've heard of people changing their diet 2 or 3 months before TTC to increase chances of conceiving either a boy or girl. One crazy thing I heard was consuming NO DAIRY products in that time (and higher potassium and salt) to conceive a boy. That just doesn't seem healthy to me. But i've heard some people swear by it (in conjunction with other gender predictor methods). Has anyone spoke with their doctor about this? (i'm not TTC yet...we're just thinking about it).
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  • Is it the lack of dairy you find unhealthy, or the higher salt and potassium? Not eating dairy, as long as you're getting calcium elsewhere, is very healthy. I haven't eaten dairy in more than three years and I'm healthier than I've ever been. In fact most dairy products contain all kinds of crap that are not healthy at all.

    As for the other stuff, well, I doubt they mean eat a box of salt a day and three dozen bananas. But changing your diet probably wouldn't make a bit of difference in the end. Considering it's the sperm that decides gender, it's doubtful it would do anything for the woman to change her diet (other than to just be healthier in general).
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  • That doesnt make any sense when the fathers sperm is what determines the gender? 
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  • The father's sperm determines the gender. However, the environment in the woman can make a difference too. If the cervical fluid is more sticky. harder to get through or there isn't much, it makes it harder for the sperm to get to it's goal. Girl sperm are more hearty, and they would be more likely to make it through in a more hostile envirmonment. I have no idea what a person's diet would have to do with that thouh, but I don't doubt that it has an impact.
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