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Weston Cy's birth story

OMG, I just can't believe it, he is just amazing...and 2 weeks early...thank you Lord!!! I just can't believe he's mine.

Short version (DH's notes):
2:45 am - Water Breaks
3:20 am - Checked in to hospital (3cm dialated, 90% effaced)
5:15 am - Jody gets a popcicle and using birthing ball and breathing through contractions (4 cm)
6:30 am - Get pain meds through IV (6 cm, not epi, similar to laughing gas, still feel everything, but my mind doesn't care)
7:45 am - Epi (9 cm, I didn't even feel it go in!) (I CAN'T BELIEVE I MADE IT THAT FAR!!!!)
10:00 am - Labor Down (10 cm)
11:20 am - Started to push
1:28 pm - Weston Cy is here! (Jan. 20, 8 lbs. 8 oz., 20.6 inches)

It was such a positive experience, everyone was wonderful! DH was an amazing coach. I think the trick is staying calm, and having no expectations. If you have any questions you can page me on the Columbus Babies board :)

I feel great!

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