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What did you wear during labor?

I wanted to have on a sports bra but haven't found one that fits right or is comfortable. Is this a waste anyway? Thanks!

Re: What did you wear during labor?

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    good call with the sports bra.  i wish i would have done that...i just wore the hospital gown.  i had brought with these nice pajamas but the nurse was like, "honey you don't want to ruin those!!"

    i have to have a c-section this time so i don't know if they will let me wear a sports bra? 
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    A sports bra is a good idea...wish I would have thought of something like that.  Just keep in mind that if you do the skin-to-skin after birth they'll want you to have nothing on.
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    Are you planning on BFing?? If so, I would get a comfortable sleep/leisure nursing bra. I got one when DD was a baby and it was so nice to wear at night. I would think it would be nice at the hospital as well.

    I guess I didn't know what to do, so I didn't wear anything, which was fine because I got in the bath during labor anyways (although people do wear bras in the tub). I will probably wear a sleep nursing bra this time around.
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    Ditto pps on the breastfeeding/skin-to-skin contact thing.

    I just wore the hospital gown since I didn't want to ruin any of my own stuff and was in and out of the shower/tub anyway. While I was pushing we unsnapped the shoulders of the gown so that I could open up the front and the baby could be placed right on my chest.
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    I wore the hospital gown and after delivering and cleaning up, I changed into what I had.  A sports bra is definitely more convinent and comfortable.  Try Motherhood, they have nursing bras that resemble sports bra.  No wires and all.
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