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2 soft marks from Ultra sound possible ds?

What would you do? The ultra sound came out two soft marks

1) EIF (  Echogenic intracardiac focus)

2) SUA ( Single Umbilical Artery)


 im just scared to do an amnio.. would you?

Re: 2 soft marks from Ultra sound possible ds?

  • Normally don't post on this board but I thought that I might be able to give you a bit of help since my son had two choroid plexus cysts that were thought to possibly (but highly unlikely) be a marker for trisomy 18 (everything turned out fine and he is a healthy two month old).  The first thing is to ask what you would do if you found out your DS had Down's.  Would you terminate?  If not, then there is less of a reason to get the amnio since there is risk involved.  The second thing I would suggest is that you meet with a genetic counselor.  My friend is one and I can promise you that a good counselor will give you information, but WILL NOT pressure you to make a decision regarding the amnio.  The genetic counselor we met with told us the odds of having trisomy 18 for our son was 1/400, whereas the risk of having a miscarriage due to an amnio was 1/250.  We decided to skip the amnio because those odds were worse.  Hope that helps.

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  • My risk for downs came back 1 in 25.  I totally didn't want to have the amnio because of the 1 in 200 miscarriage stat, but I did some research and that statistic was from the 70's and 80's.  The most current statistic I could find was from 2006 and that statistic now has the risk at 1 in 1600.  I spoke with my doctor and he assured me that during his 25 years of practice he had three patients miscarry after an amnio.  He advised that I should be on bed rest for 2 days after the amnio.  No cooking or cleaning etc.....  I decided to have the amnio and my little bundle is just fine.

    This is a decision that shouldn't be made lightly.  I never considered terminating the preganancy no matter what the results, but I needed a definative answer otherwise I would have worried constantly for the last five months of my pregnancy. 

    Here is a link to the amnio info

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  • I was also scared about the EIF and read alot about it. One study from Australia suggested they don't even tell moms about it because it causes more anxiety than its worth. You still worry though and as I was told that is just the beginning of the rest of your life as a mom.......Good Luck

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