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Winchester Hospital - Dr. Bose or Dr. Druga

Has anyone had any experience with either Dr. Bose or Dr. Druga at Winchester OB/GYN? Any feedback would be really appreciated! TIA.

Re: Winchester Hospital - Dr. Bose or Dr. Druga

  • Dr. Druga is my OB/GYN.  I don't know if my experience with him was unique but during my entire pregnancy I only saw him 2-3 times for appts.  Whenever I had an appt. he would be doing an emergency c-section or delivering a baby.  The majority of my appts. were with the nurse practioner at the practice who was really nice. 

    I went into labor on easter weekend so Dr. Jackson (out of another practice) delivered my baby.

    Dr. Druga did see me afterwards at the hospital to check me out, he did my son's  circumcision and I saw him for my 6 week check up.  He's pretty nice and easy to talk to.

    On a related note, the nurses at Winchester Hospital are fabulous!!  They took such good care of me during and afterwards.  My son was also in the special care unit for 2 weeks and the nurses there are awesome.
  • I have experiences with both.  Dr. Bose is my OB/GYN, I went to her after Dr. Gittinger left.  I really LOVED Dr. Gittinger, she was wonderful.  Dr. Bose is nice, but always very brief...she literally popped her head back in the room my last visit to tell me what to expect from my new b/c.  I just would have liked it if she could take a few minutes without me feeling rushed.  Other than that I like her.  Dr. Druga delivered my daughter (2nd baby & c-section).  I am not a fan of him.  I had an emergency c-section and had some major complications, so I had to be put under general anesthesia for the surgery.  Too make a long story semi-short...I was still feeling each contraction while on the operating table, and wasn't numb, so I could feel him pinching my skin.  Needless to say, everyone, especially him, ignored my cries that I was still in pain and I ended up feeling him cut into me.  What a nightmare!!!!  I TOTALLY lost it.  Next thing I knew I woke up, the baby was delivered and I had missed it :(  He also didn't go through my 1st c-section scar, so now I have 2 scars from 2 c-sections.  He told me later that it was because the 1st scar wasn't straight....uuummm, I'd much rather have 1 crooked scar than a crocked one AND a straight one.  Call me crazy ;)  I am currently looking for a new practice.  Good Luck with whatever you chose.
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