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praying 2010 isn't effing with me...

So i'm still spotting from this morning.  I took a nap and there was nothing in my pad.  Went to pee and more pink.  I'm obsessed with wiping so I keep going back in and just had a few dots of red.  I don't know if its from my wiping too much or what.  I did have some wipes of mucus with pink mixed in.  It's driving me nuts and I'm trying to hold off the urge to head to triage.  I KNOW I can't go every single time I have an issue.  We did walk around the mall and I only had some pink in my pad mixed with the suppositories.  I'm praying that's all it is.  I did get ahold of my dr to ask when I could stop taking them and he said today.  I didn't mention the spotting.  I'm not cramping.  I have the normal little pelvic and back cramps and feel like I have to pass some gas.  It was when I was trying to push out that gas that the mucus came.  Praying all is well.  We have to head to a friends house soon I plan on sitting on her couch all night, but I really really don't want to go now.  ugh.  Come on 2010 please don't being effing with me.  2011 is supposed to be better! 
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Re: praying 2010 isn't effing with me...

  • I so hope it's nothing.  But if you're going to drive yourself nuts, it might be worth the peace of mind to go to the ER.  

    ((HUGS))  Please keep us posted & hope 2011 is kind to you!!! 

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  • ((hugs)) I hope it's just something the suppositories are causing. I hear they can really irritate things down there.
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  • Keeping you in my thoughts!
  • Maybe you should call your obs office and speak to the doctoe on call and see what they say about it
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  • I am totally feeling your pain - had some brown spotting earlier. I hate it! It's not fair. Why can't we just be SPOT FREE our whole pregnancy like lots of women are?! BOO! Praying everything pans out GREAT for the both of us. Hang in there.
  • I'm at my friends house now and have been to the bathroom 50 times and it seems to have stopped. Thank goodness! Hopefully it was just the last of the meds! I do agree I wish we could be spot free! I hate hearing lots of women spot! Dammit we had our heartbreak can we just be normal!
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  • I hear ya hun.  I hope it's just the supps causing it, it very well could be.  But it doesn't make you feel better, I know.  You could call the answering service to get ahold of yoour Dr or whoever is covering for peace of mind :) HUGS!
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