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what the .... Babies R Us registries

Hi all

This will be my first time visiting this board, so please bear with me.

Have any of you become frustrated when purchasing items (for others) using the registry that you've printed at the stores? 

I've had to visit BRU 4 times in the last 6 mos. for relatives that are registered there.  Every time it's been a pain as I find myself wandering the store tracking down the items, as they are rarely in the location that is listed as the 'home' for said item.

So, is it just me?
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Re: what the .... Babies R Us registries

  • It's not just you.  I've had the same problem with registries at that store.  I find incredibly frustrating.
  • I've purchased things on the registry, went to the shower and found out someone else got the same things on the registry - but neither of our purchases registered in the system so the mother had to go back and exchange the items. This happened to me at 2 different showers... grrr!
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