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TSH levels during pregnancy

For some reason when they did my beta and progesterone today, they also did TSH 5.68 It was pretty high IMO, but maybe not. Did you ladies have it checked and do you remember what your levels were?
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Re: TSH levels during pregnancy

  • Do you have any known thyroid issues?  Your TSH is normal if it is between 1 and 4 so yes, that is high.   I have hypothyroidism and I have to take medication daily to keep my levels in line because I dont produce enough of the horomone on my own. I was diagnosed pre pregnancy.
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  • I'm seeing an endocrinologist because my TSH has been borderline hyper.  It is easier to treat hypo than hyper b/c of the drugs they use.  Mine, fortunately, is just about where they'd medicate me to be anyway.  Did they refer you to an endo?

    I don't know what the high ends look like during PG, though, since mine have been low.

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  • Hi Lyse, congrats on your beta! I am a CNY graduate and they do frequently run TSH. In fact that is how I found out that I am hypothyroid. Your level is high, CNY told me they like to have it below 2.5 and my endocrinologist, likes to have it btw 1-2. When I finally got pregnant, my OB referred me to an endocrinologist  who closely monitored my TSH while I was pregnant. I would check in with the nurses or Dr. K at your next appt and see if you can be put on synthroid or the generic brand. Maintaining a normal TSH during pregnancy is very important. It will take 4-6 weeks to bring your levels in the normal range, and by then you should have graduated cny and be at your OB who can tell you the next steps. Dr. Grossman put me on 25 mg of synthyroid and I continue to take synthyroid and probably will for life, I am so glad CNY tested it back in the day, I was having symptoms of hypothyroidism and didn't even know it b/c my life with IF was so stressful.
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  • Thanks ladies!! I will definitely ask on Monday when I get more b/w back. I appreciate all of the input!!
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  • I had mine checked with my first beta and it was around 4.6, I think. They wanted to see it around 2.5 so I was put on Synthroid. I just had it rechecked at 8 weeks and it was 4.1 so they are upping my dosage.
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