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Found a place...

So I found a basement suite about a 5 minute drive from where we are now. I have to admit I'm so depressed and sad that we are moving out.. I guess that means everything is real. I'm just so numb and the times when I'm not I just can't stop crying. He told me this HW wants to meet me and has been asking for a couple weeks. Seriously what could she possibly want to say to me! Anyways I have a confession too... She bought Gianna a hat and I took it when he was out (he knew I was throwing it away anyways because I don't want anything the HW bought anywhere near my child) and I took a knife and cut it up and threw it away! I know sounds weird but it was somewhat theraputic.

edit: Sorry forgot to tell you ladies about the place! It's alright.. the things I loved about it were that there's 3 little girls living upstairs with a HUGE playground in their backyard we can use! Also it has a dishwasher and insuite laundry!!! I haven't had that in soooo many years!! Plus the landlord is sooo nice and said she would help me paint  and decorate and I can move in whenever I pay the deposit but I don't need to start paying rent until Feb!

Re: Found a place...

  • Ummm that sounds like torture! WHY would she think it was appropriate to send gifts at this point? Indifferent I don't blame you for your reaction at all.
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  • I'm pretty sure she is trying to torture me while making herself look all sweet to him! Seriously I'm trying so hard not to waste my energy to hate her because she will be gone soon enough but still it's hard when I can blame her for ruining my chance and my daughters chance at a family. Don't worry I blame him too but I really blame her for chasing a man in a commited relationship who JUST had a child and not leaving him alone until she got him..


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