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Sorry if this is the wrong board for this............
Little back story I am 40 this year I have 3 children but met the love of my life 2yrs ago, now engaged, I had my first MMC end of May and we have been trying since, after a doctors appointment to discuss fertility I've been told to keep trying and go back in April to start investigating if nothing happens between now and then. 

My question is I have started ovulation testing, this morning I got a very faint line which I was over the moon about because I've been stressing that I am now past it etc so I've went about an hour done another test and the faint line is even fainter (if that's a word) now according to Flo app my actual ovulation is today. Now am even more worried than I was before I was hoping that as the day wore on my test line got darker, does this mean that I have missed OV already? My window only opened 5 days ago and closes again in 2 days. I really hope its bad timing on my behalf but my heart is saying that I am past it and this is proof!! 

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  • @weel O testing differs from brand to brand.  So you should read the box/instructions to be certain with your test type.  It could be lighter because your urine could be more diluted in the afternoon.  You could have had a pre-surge or something and not actual O.  I would still recommend temping to get a better idea of what is going on.  A period tracker app is really just a 'rough guess' if anything, and doesn't give parameters for cycles after loss when things are all wonky.
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  • Am not sure which brand, I bought a batch from amazon! I wouldn't have thought diluted urine would matter, if the hormone is there it's there?? I know the tracker is just a guide but tbf it's been pretty bang on in terms of when Aunt Flo is due but I was sceptical about it's accuracy predicting when OV is at peak. I was trying to avoid tempting because I can become overwhelmed easily more so after my MMC but almost 8months later am becoming really distressed that my chance has been and gone. 

    Are the thermometers good and quite self explanatory? 
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  • Just a little update I have just done another test and I have a much stronger line so fingers crossed I get a surge tomorrow 🤞
  • if a flo app is accurate, everything should be ok. I use iyoni app and their accuracy is 97%, so not guessing any more. And massive congrats on your stronger lines.  I keep fingers and toes crossed. 
  • Ovulation calculators are made assuming your luteal phase is the standard average of 14 days long but not all woman have a 14 day luteal phase. I did up until I started having children and since then it's never been longer than 10 days.
    Tracking Basil Body Temperature is the best way to figure out when you are actually ovulating. You shouldn't need to temp forever, just for long enough to find your pattern or to connect it up with any other symptoms that you personally have at time of ovulation.
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