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Need quick answer re: Neti Pot

So I'm sick - and I bought a Neti Pot. I know that is ok for us to use, but the sinus rinse that comes with it I can't find anything about if it's ok for pregnant women. It's a mixture of sodium chloride & sodium bicarbonate. I checked their material in the box, their website, - does anyone know if it's ok to use - I can't find anything that says yes or no? TIA

Re: Need quick answer re: Neti Pot

  • I just bought one myself and it says right one the box that's it's safe while pregnant. Good Luck, it takes a little bit to get the hang on it but it feels wonderful!
  • sodium chloride is salt (table salt) and sodium bicarbonate is baking soda.  Should be fine.
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  • Thank you both! Wish me LUCK!!!!!!!!

  • Yep. It's safe to use. Just try using it after a shower if you have a cold and are stuffed up. It wont really work when you're all stuffed up.
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  • That is table salt and baking soda. I have never heard of either of those being restricted. I would  use (and have used) it without qualms.
  • You eat both those things right? So, why wouldn't it be OK? Besides, it goes in one side comes out the other.
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  • Yeah, it's pretty much just like a saline rinse...once you get used to the Neti Pot, if you want more power, try the squeeze bottle that company makes. I find it much more effective when I'm stuffed up. Some people are more sensitive to it though, so just go slowly and don't blow your brains out, ha ha.
  • I used one earlier in my pregnancy.  Those ingredients are basically just salt.  Totally safe from what I was told.  It takes some getting used to but, once you get the hang of it, it rocks!  Since it can be a little awkward and messy over a sink, I used mine in the shower.
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