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1st Trimester

1st pregnancy... when did your pants stop fitting?

I'm not sure who shrunk my pants... It seems early to invest in a bella band but the bloat is taking over!

Re: 1st pregnancy... when did your pants stop fitting?

  • About 22 weeks
  • Hm. That does not make me feel better... :)
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  • imagechillyupnorth:
    Hm. That does not make me feel better... :)

    If it makes you feel any better I got huge, but it was towards the end. Everyone is different, plus you are probably just bloated :)

  • I want to say somewhere around 18 weeks, but I was wearing maternity clothes by 14 weeks... just because I was so excited to have an excuse to wear them Embarrassed
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  • If it makes you feel better, I am a few days behind you and my pants are uncomfortable too.

    I went out and bought a pair of pants one size bigger than my usual, but even they are a little tight. Nothing feels comfortable right now except my yoga pants!

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  • With my DS, I didn't start showing till about 4/5 months pregnant.  I switched to maternity pants around 5 months.
  • It all depnds on your body to start with and how you wear your clothes. If you are a little larger it may take more time than if you are little.

    With DD I noticed that my belly (gut) got harder before it started actually getting bigger. But because it got harder I was in maternity pants by 13 weeks so I could sit comfortably...

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  • I wore the bella band for a while but got into maternity pants by 14wks, it was just more comfortable. I'm sitting here now in my regular jeans but unbuttoned and have the hairbow on my button. I wish I was in sweatpants

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  • I'm 8 weeks and i just got my first pair yesterday... OMG they are so comfortable I know i will live in these pants from now on... and by the way i haven't gained weight, i just need room for my bump :)... don't be ashamed, do what's most comfortable for you...
  • imageamdraza:

    If it makes you feel better, I am a few days behind you and my pants are uncomfortable too.

    I went out and bought a pair of pants one size bigger than my usual, but even they are a little tight. Nothing feels comfortable right now except my yoga pants!

    Same here. I'm only 6w but my pants are tight and uncomfortable. I just went out and bought a bigger size too


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  • I only moved into maternity pants last week (11 weeks).  Right now, I'd bet you're just bloated and that will come and go. I found the Bella band really helpful this past few weeks. I feel like it's crazy-early for me to be in maternity pants but my others just really don't fit at all anymore; they won't button and some will only zip about 1/2-way. I'm really petite, though, and wonder if this is the reason? Regardless, I'll definitely agree that it is sooooo much more comfortable in maternity pants! 

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  • At 6 weeks my pants would not button comfortably, I am overweight pre pregnancy, but gained 4 pounds in before that 6 weeks. Since then I have not gained anymore and am almost 10 weeks. I really think initially that was just bloat and the weight was extra fluid... try the rubberband trick if you need to!
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  • Somewhere around 17 weeks or so with my first.
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  • with my first pregnancy, i succumbed to my extreme bloat and bought maternity pants at 7 weeks.  this time, i am holding out!  fortunately not so much bloat.  but i'm starting to get bigger in the belly, and i'll need to pull them out of the attic soon.


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  • I'm in a similar boat as some of the other ladies. I'm only at 6 weeks, and am already struggling with my pants being too tight and uncomfortable. I've started wearing them unbuttoned with the rubber band trick around the button, but may need to invest in a belly band soon. I'm also not sharing the news yet, and being uncomfortable in my clothes is not helping!
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  • With my first it was around 14-15 weeks.
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  • I'm at 6 weeks and my pants don't fit. Old navy has a sale for 5$ For spandex in gray blue and navy. I bought 3 pairs in increasing sizes. They are awesome bc you can dress them up or down and be comfortable!
  • I am 12 weeks (first pregnancy) and am still wearing my pants but with the rubber band! I think I started doing that around 8 weeks. Bloat and tight pants don't mix!! =)   Hoping that will do the trick for a while as I have not seen a lot of maternity clothes out there at the moment... yikes!
  • at 10 weeks my work pants (Express Editor) weren't comfortable on most days and my super skinny jeans weren't either.  Some jeans still fit, just not as loose.  I like to wear my pants low on my hips, so my lower rise jeans fit best right now.  I'm 13w1d now and still wearing my jeans, though the bloat is going away a little bit compared to earlier this week.

    I went ahead and just ordered the bella band last week and some maternity jeans since there was a sale going on. 

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  • I need to stock up on dresses that I can where with stockings... If I usually wear S-M, should I get Large so they will fit for the fall and winter?
  • Is there a size chart of how to buy maternity clothing? Just a go by, so will know how to buy for sizes that we are now and what we may be once we progress...

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    scharle3 said:

    Is there a size chart of how to buy maternity clothing? Just a go by, so will know how to buy for sizes that we are now and what we may be once we progress...

    Usually, if you were a small in something, you'd get an item in size S maternity, they take into consideration your growth, if you -really- want to be safe, then size up and get M, but you may not 'grow' into it any time soon.

    I'm a 2-4 pre-pregnancy, and have been getting XS and S in maternity wear thus far. Destination Maternity online has great sales, and I love looking up Pea in The Pod on Amazon and snagging a few designer items when possible. 

    OP: Having said this ^, I still fit into half my pre-preg. jeans, the other half I can wear with a bella band. This did not stop me from getting a bella band at 13 weeks, because the bloating was no joke and the maternity jeans and shorts I had just bought were not nearly as snug fitting as I like my bottoms to be (I hate the 'drooping' pant feeling), and at 13 weeks I was actually weighing less than my 114lb starting weight, it was all bloat, so really, don't feel bad, get a bella band and enjoy being comfortable. 

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  • I'm 7 weeks pregnant and the bloat made it impossible to fit comfortably in my size 4 jeans :( I bought maternity pants already, I don't care I'm comfortable now! Lol
  • i'm 11 1/2 weeks and my pants started getting uncomfortable about 2 weeks ago but i hadn't gained any weight.  Then I realized it was probably just bloating, I've had to use rubber bands around the button of my jeans and wearing maxi skirts.  Trying to hold out on buying maternity clothes, but might just give in.
  • I bought a pair of maternity jeans this past weekend (10w3d). I originally was buying them for when I needed them but I ended up paying for them while I was still wearing them!! They are soooo much more comfortable than my regular jeans, hair tie and bellaband mix!

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  • I am only 3.5 weeks, but I am very bloated and my pants feel very tight.
  • This is my first pregnancy and I can still sort of fit into my jeans but for comfort reasons (bad acid reflux and bloat!) I choose to wear a belly band. I'm currently 11 weeks

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  • With my first two pregnancies I never needed pregnancy bottoms but rather chose to wear in the last few weeks for comfort.  It just depends on how you carry.  I tend to carry small in girth but more up and down.  If you pants are just a tad to tight there is a trick with a ouchless hair tie that works well. 
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