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The FIRM Express or Wave??

Anyone used either of these programs??  
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Re: The FIRM Express or Wave??

  • I have a couple of Firm DVD's.  I have one old version which is actually a really good one, and I got another one right after I had DD (for motivation).  I started using it about 3 weeks after DD was born.  She would sit in her swing and watch me.  She eventually started laughing at me which was so cute.  It was great when the weather didn't cooperate for us to get out or before I was running again.  I recommend the Firm.
  • I LOVE the Firm and have been following their program for 8 yrs.  I just got the Firm Express for Christmas and I am loving it.  20 minutes for each video doesn't sound like much but you are really sweating at the end.  I have not heard very many good things about the wave, so I never bought it. 

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