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Update: to DH not on board

So he asked what I was reading earlier in the week and I told him the vbac board and looking at what ppl were doing to get ready.Then he brought up the discussion that night.

 He said he was worried about going though what we we went though last time but would support my decision. DD was failure to desend due to being posteior after 2 inductions (due to PIH), full labour, dilation and pushing .

He doesn't want me to cancel or move back my c apt (39w1d) but is open to me moving it when I get closer (say a week away) if my dr. is okay with it and all is okay with me (bp under contol etc.).

I think this is a great step, looks like I moving towards a vbac. I'm going to discuss more with my dr, this week, she's on board but I don't know what restrictions she'll place on me & also to see how she feels about my trying accupuncture to help start things and encourage proper baby position at 38 weeks.

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Re: Update: to DH not on board

  • Good luck!  I'm trying for a VBAC after the same scenario (posterior baby, failure to descend).  I'm glad your husband is more on board.  Have you looked into techniques for turning posterior babies?  There is a lot of info online and some natural childbirth books have good information on things you can try as well.

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