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Has anyone gave birth at St. Anthony's North  or is planning on giving birth there? I really want to give birth there cause I believe that hospital is a lot better than north suburban. Any insight?
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Re: St. Anthony's North

  • I just had my first appointment with Women's Health Specialists (the clinic that is attached to St Anthony's North) and plan to deliver there... granted still a long way off, but it looks like a great facility. They have LDR rooms, which was my ultimate want and North Suburban doesn't. They also have whirlpool tubs in the suites, also a very big plus to me! FYI they offer facility tours once a month to answer any questions prospective patients may have, and Dr. Cooper and the staff there is great if you haven't found an OB yet.



  • St. Anthony's North is a very nice facility.  I delivered my son at North Suburban after they remodeled some of their rooms and really loved the nursing staff.  Best wishes wherever you decide to deliver, they are both nice, but I can only speak of my experience with NSMC.
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