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Has anyone taken decongestants while BFing?

I'm absolutely miserable with a head cold right now (and thankfully DD hasn't caught it...yet) and I called the pedi to ask if it's safe for me to take a decongestant.  The nurse said it's safe, but it may decrease my milk supply.  Has anyone taken it while BFing?  If so, did you notice a big decrease in your supply?  DD nurses every 4 hours and has been STTN since last week.  I have about 100 oz in my freezer, just in case.
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Re: Has anyone taken decongestants while BFing?

  • I took Claritin once when DD was about 3 weeks old and I was near death with a sinus infection.  It was that or Benadryl and I had read that Benadryl would dry up my milk.  I wouldn't take the Claritin-D either; just regular Claritin.
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  • I took one dose of Sudafed about two weeks ago.  I called the LC and she recommended one that you had to take every 4-6 hours and that only had 1 active ingredient.  She said that it might affect my supply and to pump three times a day any day that I took it and to increase my fluids.  I only took one dose because my LO ended up very fussy and nursed almost hourly that day.  If her behavior had carried over to the next day I would have considered it a growth spurt but it seemed to stop one the medicine was out of my system so I didn't risk taking it again.  But I have no proof that the medicine actually affected my supply.
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