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Progesterone shooters....

Do you get a hard, itchy lump at your injection sight? If so, what seems to help. TIA.

Re: Progesterone shooters....

  • are you referring to 17p injections? I havent had any itchiness or lumps at the injection site. However, I typically apply pressure and rub the site right after the injection to reduce and soreness.
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  • Ive never got a lump either.I do rub the spot after I get it though. Are they putting the needle in far enough?

    Good luck!!

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  • Yes 17p.

    It seems like lately they burn like crazy for about 30-45 mins after I get them. And twice now these lumps have formed, both on my left side. I never watch them inject me, I get enough of that with the Lovenox. And it's not really the lumps that bother be, but the insane itching that comes with them, like giant mosquito bites. Cortizone helps, but I just want it to go away completely.

  • I have the lumps, too, and my skin is very fair and sensitive.  Don't know if that has anything to do with it.  The nurse told me to rub the injection site last time, and it did seem to help some. 
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