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those of you who have refinanced lately

What rates did you get and how much were closing costs?  Also if you have a rec on who to use, that would be great.  If you would rather pm/fb message me, that's fine too if you'd rather not post.
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Re: those of you who have refinanced lately

  • I can tell you who we used if you send me an email. Kathy marie 81 at gmail

     Our closing costs were estimated at $400 but came up a bit higher, maybe $500?

    We got a 30 yr fix for 4.5%.


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  • We're in the process of refinancing right now. We're using Purdue Credit Union. I don't rememberly exactly the closing costs, but we got 4% on a 20 yr fixed rate.
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  • We used the same guy as Kathy, and we got a 30yr fixed at 4.5% as well. 

    Our closing costs ended up around $500 as well I think. 

  • We are closing on our refin today. We got 4.3% for 25 yrs (already paid 5 yrs into our 30). The mortgage co. is paying our closing costs. We could have gone down to 3.7% if we paid our closing costs (approx 1200).

    My dad is a mortgage officer and does it for us. He works in Richmond (1 hr 15min away from here), so you would have to travel to sign paperwork and then again to close.  If you want his info, let me know.

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  • p.s. we closed a month ago or more ish
  • We are in the midst of refi'ing right now and we are doing 3.75% on a 15 year, we previously had a 30 year at 6.75% so we are paying just a little more for half the time.  I think our closing costs are somewhere around $2000. 

     We work with a lot of mortgage brokers to assist our clients and we have some offering no closing costs or just like $300, but the rate goes up about 1/4 of a point on the rate.

  • We refinanced about 6 weeks ago or so and were able to get a 4% on a 15 year.  Our mortgage payment didn't change but $100.  We were previously at a 5.875% 30 year.

    Our closing costs were about $2000 and were rolled into the loan - we also did some limo trade.  :)  (I love my husband and his bartering!)

    Let me know if you'd like our friend's name - I'd be happy to pass it along to you.

    Sara :)

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