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How opinionated are you in selecting baby gear?

How much of a say do you have when selecting baby gear? Do you care what style, color, patterns your partner picks when selecting baby gear such as diaper bags, carriers, etc?  

Re: How opinionated are you in selecting baby gear?

  • imagepolooo26:
    I take it you're doing some research. My wife does it all and I don't have much of an opinion. The only thing I usually care about is the price and if it's worth it.

    I second this!!

    When I am left to my own devices I end up walking away from MIller Park with a $40 receiving blanket with a Brewers logo on it. We use it in the car seat, but the wife was not too happy about me spending that much on a RB!!


  • I have quite a bit since I'm a SAHD - usually I'll be using it more.  I picked my own diaper bag, helped decide on the jogging stroller, and enjoy picking out clothes too.  my wife can pick what she wants for clothing, but I like to get sporty things for her - like my team colors or my team logos in pink.

    with that said, if my wife wants a Moby, or any other item I won't be using, she can pick whichever style she wants.   Even things I might potentially use, if I don't use it every day, I probably don't care.

    there are two motivations in sports, which is yours?
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  • feel exactly the same way..couldnt have been more well put
  • I did buy my own diaper bag as well.  And I pretty much picked out the crib too.

    My wife actually uses my diaper bag more than her own!!


  • We haven't gone through this process yet, but in the past with purchases we are both involved in my wife is focused on looks while I'm focused on functionality.  It remains to be seen how much input I will have, but I anticipate we will work through it together.

  • My wife did the research part, but when she narrowed it down to her favorite options, I put my input in.  There were a few things I was more involved with and I did select my own diaper bag, but for the most part that is how it went.
  • I was pretty much hands on. There were a lot of items and arguments that I didn't care about or were worth delving into....but I knew I wanted a few things: a jogger, my own diaper bag, and a few others. The rest, I basically wanted to make sure we didn't go broke and we could afford to feed him and pay the mortgage after all of the random equipment was purchased. 

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  • imageladyjenna13:

    I did buy my own diaper bag as well.  And I pretty much picked out the crib too.

    My wife actually uses my diaper bag more than her own!!

    Exact same boat. "My" diaper bag became her purse/diaper bag. I honestly don't mind, I prefer it to the giant diaper bag we never use (although that one may be necessary if we have a second kid and need to have both toddler snacks and baby stuff)
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • We are just assuming the diaper bag will become her purse - so I'm planning on finding a "manly" diaper bag for myself.

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  • We let my parents buy us the big ticket items such as the car seats, two bases, one seat.  We also let them get us a child carrying back pack.  We gave my MIL the initial diaper bag that I helped to pick out and I bought the second one.


    That being said, my DW and I usually discuss what we like and don't like so that we are in agreement with most of the styles etc.  We also do a lot of our clothes shopping at Once Upon a Child to save money especially since our DS isn't 18 months yet but is in 3-4T shirts.

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