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Welcome to the world Max

This is an overdue BStory... but I don't get a chance to come online too often, and when I do, it's usually for a short time, so here I go...

It all started in late June...  My midwife informed me that I was 1 cm and that the baby's head was very low, so I should be prepared!  Mind you, my due date was July 18th!  Being baby #2, I was warned that things could go quickly!  

 I was sure we would have a 4th of July baby, in which case, his name would be Sam (cliche', I know, but we did like the name).  Sure enough, I had what seemed to be my first set of contractions that weekend!!!   Nothing serious though!  

The second week in July, I found out I was 2 cms!  Yay!  Progress without labor, I'll take it!  A few days later, I started getting very tight around my lower abdomen and back...  it was coming every 15 minutes for about 2 hours, so I was ready!!  This went on all day with no further progress... hmmmm....?????

3rd week in July...  3 Cms!!!!   Midwife can feel the babies head upon checking my dilation!  That weekend, I had some bleeding and cramping every 10 minutes!  It was late in the day, so I took DD to my mom's for the night, prepared to go to the hospital and waited.... and waited...  I fell asleep and when I woke up, all the "contractions" were gone...

My due date came and went I was still 3 cms...  My midwife told me that I should stop watching the clock... I would "just know" when it was time.  She said I could try castor oil if I really wanted to move things along... I did just that... what a mistake!!!  I was soooooooo sick for 4 hours.  I felt like death.

Saturday, July 24th, we all went to my mom's to hang out for the day in the AC...  I was having random contractions, but refused to watch the clock, figuring it would just jinx me!!  The day went on and at about 4 pm, my mom started timing me without my knowledge...  I guess I was looking pretty rough!  After an hour, she said, "you're about 5 mins apart ya know?"  OMG!!!  This could be it!!!  I called my midwife...  who was not on call, so I got some random woman who said to go ahead to the birthing center.

I arrived at the hospital, checked in, and found out I was FIVE cms!!  1/2 way there, WOOO HOOO...  the midwife came in and said that I should go home.  WHAT????  Was she crazy ?  She said my contractions weren't strong enough, and I would be wasting my time.  I asked her to break my water, and she said that she could, but it would still be a long night, and I should go home and get some sleep.  Sleep???? Was she insane?   I'd been going through life without sleep for a month!   I refused to leave.  She broke my water and I made my way to the jacuzzi.

10 mins after my water broke, I felt a shift...  The discomfort skyrocketed to mindblowing pain.  I wanted a natural birth, there in the birthing center, but I had NO idea how intense it would be.  My first child was induced with an epidural, so this was very different.  My husband just kept stroking my arm, telling me it was all ok. I felt like I had been in the tub for hours.  I was nauseas, sweating, and thought I was going to  pass out.  I needed out of that tub!  

They helped me out, and started to cover me with blankets.   I remember yelling to stop, it was too hot!!  The midwife asked me what I needed and I said, "a cathedar"  She thought I was the crazy one.  I told her I needed to pee, so she said to go ahead.  She would check my dilation afterwards..I sat on the toilet and realized that the squatting made the pain so much worse. I wanted to get up, but I couldn't move. Suddenly, I yelled, "something is coming out!!!".  My husband and the nurse literally carried me to the bed.   They laid me down, and I just screamed....  The midwife told me to push, but I already was...  I pushed 3 times, and it was over!!  I looked at the clock and it had been exactly 1 and 1/2 hours since she broke my water!!! 

Maxim William was born at 12:55 a.m. weighing in at 9lbs 9oz!!!   I was amazed... by him, his size, my body, and my husband.  It was intense, but incredible.  Holding my baby boy to my chest, nursing him right away, and feeling his new skin to mine was beautiful.  I can't wait to do it again!!

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