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Doctor Recommendations around Sumerduck,VA

I'm moving with my family to Sumerduck  from Northern NJ and we need to find all new Dr.s from primary care physicians for my husband and myself to and OB since we're expecting #3 in May and a pediatrician for my 3 and almost 1 year old girls.  Can anyone make recommendations so I have somewhere to start looking?  If there's someone you like or don't like can you also tell me why?  THANKS!

Re: Doctor Recommendations around Sumerduck,VA

  • If you choose to come the Warrenton way, I recommend Dr. Lorraine Chun. She's on hospital hill next to the hospital. She is very easy to talk to. I work at the hospital and I chose her because of reputation there. If you are going the Fredericksburg way, I recommend Dr. Wicker (if she's still around). I used her for my 1st child 11 years ago and she was great!
  • For our primary care physician (for just my husband and I), we use Dr. Gregory Golub at Piedmont Family Practice in Warrenton. LOVE HIM. As for our daughter's pedi, we use Dr. Jeffries-Honeycutt in Warrenton as well (Child Health Associates), however, we mainly see the nurse practitioner, Karlin.

    I would not use any doctor's in Culpeper. And that is strictly my opinion. :) I live in Culpeper and barely trust the hospital (they misdiagnosed my daughter's ear ear infection!).

    I'm right down the road from you (well, probably about 20 minutes or so), but let me know if you have any other questions or need any other info. My email is acarleenb AT Welcome to Virginia!

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