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Donor Babies

Ladies has anyone had donor egg or embryo babies? Can you tell me more about your experiences? What is it like being a mother to such a child? I am staring down this road and looking for answers. Thank you <3


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  • @ellabella79 I do not have children, but I am doing donor eggs as well this next round.  I saw no one responded to your post, but I am interested to hear responses too. 
    Me: 40 DH: 39
    TTC: Since 2015
    Egg Retrieval #1 (Feb. 2018) Gonal-F, Menopur, Cetrotide (6 eggs, 3 fertilized, 1 blast PGS lethal abnormal)
    Egg Retrieval #2 (April 2018) Gonal-F, Menopur, Cetrotide, HGH and testoterone gel (11 eggs, 9 fertilized, 5 blasts-1PGS Normal; 1 Indeterminate)
    Transfer #1 (June 2018) Estradiol Tablets (cancelled due to fluid in uterus)
    Transfer #2 (September 2018) Patches and PIO IM injections, Perfect Trilaminar 8mm lining; lost all viable embryos potentially due to device failure (VitriGuard)
  • I am currently 20+4 with my doner egg baby. My experience with the egg bank was positive and since I wasn't using my own eggs, I didn't have to do a lot of the prep work folks using their own had to go through. My first transfer took and I've had no complications.
     As far as the baby himself, I am still growing this child and feel like in every way that matters, he is 💯 % my son. Every maternal instinct that should be present is. I also feel relieved because I will not be passing any of my health issues on to him. 
     I'll keep my egg doners medical history in with our other important documents in case it's ever relevant. One day we will tell him about his conception and hope that his dad and I did a good enough job raising him that he doesn't feel any different about us or his place in our family. 
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