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DH saw Tip Top Cafe on the Food Network and I am thinking about taking him there for lunch tomorrow.  And recommendations or ideas for things we can do after lunch in San Antonio?  We have a sitter for the whole afternoon....it is also our wedding anniversary tomorrow!!!


  • Are you new to SA? Are you familiar with the city at all? Do you live out of the city? What do you like to do? Are you looking for fun, casual, or romantic? Indoors, outdoors? There is a lot to do in SA, but the city is very spread out, so we would need to narrow down to a general area :-) The Tip Top Cafe is off Fredricksburg Rd. close to downtown. It is a city staple, been there forever, and isn't much to look at, but has good food. Would you guys like to go downtown afterwards? Have you done the touristy stuff like the Alamo and Riverwalk? The Missions are really nice to go to (San Jose is the big one), and the Botanical Gardens or the Zoo aren't far from downtown either. The San Antonio Museum of Art is also very nice, and there is the new Riverwalk expansion at the old Pearl Brewery. The McNay is also a very nice art museum in Alamo Heights.  

    The weather is "supposed" to be better tomorrow, so maybe take part of your lunch to go and have a picnic with a nice bottle of wine? Let me know what you kinda had in mind for the day and I'll try to help you out. 

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  •  We are from Austin and can get around ok in San Antonio.  We have done the Riverwalk thing...want to do something outside since the weather is cooler.

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  • I really like the Botanical Gardens, and that would be nice to have a romantic stroll. It also has the Carriage House Bistro if you want to get dessert there. The Missions are also very nice if you haven't seen them before, but I think there is a little construction along the Mission Trail . Downtown, other than the Riverwalk, there is El Mercado and La Villita, with little shops. For laughs, there is the Malibu fun Castle with go carts and mini-golf; DH and I like that and Dave & Busters if we want to have a little competitive fun. The Zoo is ok, but the Tea Gardens up the street are very nice. I hope you find something you like. Let me know how it goes :-)
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