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2nd Trimester

Where and what

Where are your pains, constant or random and what do they feel like.

Edit:(sorry DD was fussy and a trick or treater came) I have so much pain. And im really wondering if its just normal stuff and im a big baby (huge possibility lol) or if there really is something going on. I go Tuesday for my big U/S and im not sure how much emphasis to put on my pains. My OB and N.P. both like to dismiss things like they are no big deal and normal.

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Re: Where and what

  • Lightweight period cramps, and a stretching type feeling, In my lower abdomen, like where period cramps are. I got most of that pain in my 17th and 18th week.
  • I have also heard that RLP can be really painful for some people. I also get alot of mine at night. A couple of nights I woke up in alot of pain, but it was on and off.
  • I have been getting pretty bad RLP in my lower abdomen, but it is mostly when I am standing for long periods of time (work or clinicals).  It got bad enough one time that I was seriously concerned... I would have called my OB, but my appt was the next morning, so I just waited until I went in.  She said that it is RLP and normal, and can be extremely painful.  Good luck with it!  I know that it is definitely no fun... 
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  • My lower back and my left hip hurts like no other when I lay on my right side. If I sit on the couch for too long the hip starts tp hurt (its a soft couch). Its actually pretty bad to the point that the other day I had to have MH roll me over to my other side because I couldn't move. Then of course the pain shoots down my leg so I can't really walk afterwards ether.  

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  • Constant lower back pain, some headaches - periodically migraines, cramps and sharp pains in abdomen that I associate with RLP (seems to be the worst at night), pain in the vagina here and there (sharp) which has apparently affectionately been termed thunder crotch on this board, and pains in my legs (which doc thinks is associated with my back problems). Oh happy day pregnancy haha

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  • I feel like I am a big baby, everything is uncomfortable and I call my doc more than I should. I have constant burning back pain, always have headaches, my stomach feels like it is about to pop open, my legs hurt, my hips hurt, my neck hurts, my chest hurts because my heart is always trying to burst out of it, I feel dizzy and get tunnel vision all the time, I have high blood pressure, and all of this my OB doesn't care about and its "normal", but I just don't think being in so much pain I am in tears is normal, but apparently it is because I'm, pregnant! Hate doctors sometimes! It took me 3 months to get them to send me to a neurologist for my migraines.
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