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2ww a-g-a-i-n....

So I am nearly one week into my third 2ww....I actually got another "infusion" from the dh a day later....I had ten nice sized follies--fingers and toes are crossed...sadly--I feel like my ovaries are the size of cantaloupes....not so comfy....

I really need this to work, IVF is scary to me and I am pretty certain the RE is going to have an issue with my current lb status...all I have been doing is coping with food....not so good....

I hope all who are waiting, wondering, hoping, are in good spirits and warmest support to all readers....



Re: 2ww a-g-a-i-n....

  • I am also one week into my 2WW.  All the best to you and hope you get your BFP this cycle!!
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  • Hang in there.  Sending baby dust both your ways!!! 

     I'm also 1 week in to my 2WW

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  • thank you both, i woke up feeling so sick to my stomach this morning. i went on the making strides against breast cancer walk and had to stop.

    i need to keep hanging dust back to you too

  • Good luck to all the 2ww'rs - baby dust to all of you : )
  • hoping for you that it is morning hopeful.  2ww definitely sucks.  AF for me today, so I'm a long way from 2WW but with you in spirit nonetheless!



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  • I'm there too, it looks like we have around the same timing. Good luck!!
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