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Christopher was born!-birth story (kinda long)

On Friday October 15th, Christopher Joshua King was born at 1:50 pm.
Around 1pm on Thursday my water broke (nobody tells you how gross it is!! (haha) .  Didn't start having contractions until about 6:30 pm, And it is true you will know when you are having one!  We headed to the hospital around 1:30 am since our contractions were 2 1/2- 3min apart and Debbie my midwife was more concerned about the nervousness in my husbands voice.  And told me later on I should have stayed home longer and boy I wish I had!!!
I was stuck at 3min and 2 centimeters till about 7 am.  I could not seem to break the 3 minute mark or 2 centimeters and that is why I wish I had been at home. They just seemed to get more intense and get longer.  Debbie "ignored" me and went to bed and told the nurses to leave me alone and just let me labor.  This is a very discouraging part of the labor, even though I was not progressing I really was.  I had to keep reminding myself that this contraction is over, I never have to do that one again.  And with each contraction it brings me closer.  Easier said than done but try and keep that in mind.
Around 8 am Elise my other midwife showed up and also "ignored" me.  My labor nurse suggested I walk around more and I did.  Around 9am Elise came in and checked me.  Found that I was a "good" 4 centimeters, she gave my cervix a little flick (it feels as comfortable as it sounds!!).  That sounded discouraging but boy was I wrong.  Things really starting progressing, the labor was more intense and the contractions were a lot longer.
Around 11:30 transition started, wow.  That is intense and your body wants to give up and your head wants you to give up and you wonder why you would not receive any pain medication and you are exhausted!  BUT and I can not stress the BUT enough,  your body is the most incredible thing ever.  You get yourself through it, without anybody. I did doubt myself but I had such a wonderful support system,  husband and  midwife that told me how great I was doing.
And when transition is over it is such a wonderful thing, you get little breaks, I got to sleep for a couple minutes at a time. Not long after I started to push and thought I was hiding it from Elise, she giggled and joked about it later on.  I was following my body, I didn't force anything I just did it somehow.  And this still boggles my mind that your body is in such control even when you think you are not!  At one pm,  I really started to push, I did my squatting and then they had me use the a towel and bar since his head would not move from the pelvic bone.  Once again, really hard, hurts, your exhausted and it just hurts!!  But my body kept going and let me sleep between pushes, they put a mirror in front of me and I got to watch the progress.  And it was the most beautiful thing EVER.  After I pushed him all the way out they put him immediately on my stomach and breast.  About 30 minutes after he latched on and began to breastfeed.  I cry now thinking about how beautiful that moment is.  I could never describe how beautiful that moment is.  I could say that moment makes everything worth it!!
All I can say is trust your body, especially for those of you that are going all natural.  You can do it and it is worth every hour and every pain that you go through!!!!  Sorry this was so long but I was so excited to share this everybody.

Good luck to you ladies and your upcoming births!!!  

Also good luck with yoga and birth classes , wish you guys only the best!

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Re: Christopher was born!-birth story (kinda long)

  • I gave birth at Yale New Haven Hospital with the midwives from women's health associates
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  • image donnaking7807:
    I gave birth at Yale New Haven Hospital with the midwives from women's health associates

    Ah, my birthplace. I am partial to that hospital, unfortunately I am going to be giving birth at St. Vincents- My Dr. wouldn't bend for YNH.

    Thanks for sharing your story!

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